Bangkok Monday Hash House Harriers

Running and drinking beer since 1982.                Website last updated:24 October, 2014

BMH3 is Noriega (930 runs), Spinning Dwarf (889), Crash (803), Maverick (671), Joylide (589), Raincoat (587), Ajarn Kee Mao (565), Bullit (523), Eat Me (511), Tinker (497), No No (480), Nearest and Dearest (460), Pink Panther (418), Hash Hash (414) ... and you???

Welcome to Bangkok Monday Hash House Harriers. We are a group of people who run for fun every Monday evening somewhere around Bangkok, and then drink a few beers and socialise afterwards. We are a very informal group, and we welcome anyone who wants to come along - Thai, foreigner, resident,visitor... Come along and see for yourself next Monday. Read more about Hashing. If you are a visitor and want to make your own way to the run, read our Help For Visitors for advice about getting taxis etc.

Hares - please send directions as soon as you have them to Maverick, Bullit and Virginia Slim.

Hash Taxi is organised by Spinning Dwarf (twilkie at 08 6174 6806). On 27 October it will leave from outside the Landmark Hotel (near Nana BTS station) at 4:35pm.

Run schedule - runs start at 5:15pm as it gets dark early.

Not the next hare

1647 13 Oct Andrew 'No No' M. Nakon Inn Road, Cowboy Restaurant Photos
1648 20 Oct Mike 'Love Canal' R. Rama 2 Road, Soi 33 Photos
1649 27 Oct Lem 'No Good Boyo' M.
Dylan Thomas 100 anniversary
Chonburi Motorway, Steak Baan Daeng Directions
1650 3 Nov Terry 'Sheepshagger' J Tueng Prik King Restaurant, Nonthaburi, near Rama 5 Bridge
1651 10 Nov Ed 'Checkless C and Frank 'Noriega' A
1652 17 Nov AGM JMs. Pattanakan Soi 53
1653 24 Nov GM Emeritus.
1654 1 Dec Todd 'Spinning Dwarf' W
1655 8 Dec John 'Tinker' L

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31 October. The Thinking Drinking Hash run no. 72 in Chiang Rai, organised by Nibbles and Normal. Read all about it and register.

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