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Most runs are held on the outskirts of Bangkok, and can usually be reached in an hour by car or taxi from the centre - if you know where you are going.

The easiest way to get to the run site is to get a lift, and if you send an e-mail to us at info at bangkokmondayhhh.com saying where you are staying we will probably find someone who can give you a lift or share a taxi with you. Usually hashers team up to share a taxi from a convenient BTS station. The taxi share is coordinated by Spinning Dwarf (Todd) who you can contact for details via email (twilkie at loxinfo.co.th).

If you are going on your own, taxis are plentiful and cheap but most taxi drivers don't speak much English. Taxi drivers generally don't understand maps either, so if possible get someone at your hotel to write down the destination (or last named road) in Thai or print the directions from the website. The Thai words in the directions are image files, so even if your PC doesn't support Thai it should print OK. Though the full directions aren't shown in Thai you should at least get to the right area, and then be able to direct your taxi with 'leo sigh's and 'leo kwah's.

English direction signs are approximate translations of the place names in Thai. Generally ignore the letter 'h'. 'Ph' is pronounced like a 'P', 'Th' is pronounced like a 'T' but 'Ch' is the exception and is pronounced 'Ch'.

A taxi ride to the furthest location will probably cost about B300, with another B60 for tollway fees. Taxis are metered, so you don't have to negotiate the fare in advance. The meter in the taxi shows the distance travelled in kilometers as well as the fare, so when the directions specify distances you can follow this on the meter.

Buses are very cheap but also very slow, and so are not recommended. After the run you should be able to get a lift back into the city.

Most journies to the Hash involve going on one or more of Bangkok's elevated expressways, all of which charge.

Essential Thai Words for the Taxi

Turn leftLeo sigh
Turn rightLeo kwah
Go straight onTrong pie
ExpresswayTang duan
Go on the expresswayKun tang duan
Traffic lightsFai deng
Traffic jamRote tit
Hash BridgeSapan Nang Klao
How much (i.e. cost)?Tao righ


This page last updated: 20 April, 2016