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Run 1985, 10 January 2022 - Capt'n Erik's 80th birthday
Location: Taling Chan, Wat Pradu
Hare: Boobalube

Wat Pradu (Inthrawat) - Bullit’s favourite run area. He was absent with Tinker up in Chiang Dao national park checking out the forthcoming THHT13 February trek.

Running from Wat Pradu was very popular in the past but a new road had cut it in half a few years ago meaning that Hashers had to cross it two times – one dodging the two-way traffic in daylight then returning to cross again in the dark – bloody dangerous!

So this southerly part from Wat Pradu fell out of favour. One good run here in the past comes to mind. The trail led through farmland and the sight of Noreiga with his shoulder-length hair free to fly about spooked a herd of cows; Hashers running every which way, Sheepshagger stood his ground and the cows ran around him, Noriega jumped screaming into a lake.

Boob set a challenge asking for runners to find his reading glasses left in a beer stop near a very large Wat. He offered a free meal as a reward. Later we found that this was a deliberate ploy to get the FRB’s to run about needlessly whilst the others caught up – quite a neat ruse actually, well-done Boob! Off we went soon into a dead-end where Ibo Ibo became confused.

Checkless led us further along a jungle track out to run around a small Wat. Settling into a loose jog along several paths. Ibo Ibo again getting confused down another dead end. Codpiece took us through a house where the Thai family greeted us as long lost friends. A bit of undergrowth then heading north along Klong Lat Thom Ya. At this point what’s left of Hayter Peacock’s memory woke up and had a senior moment; he headed off paper towards his favourite run site at Yok Krok which was close by.

With Ibo Ibo and Crazy German running under Ratchapruek we wound east then turned 180 back west to follow Klong Ban Sai to Wat Krachang, then Gringo led us to Wat Champa and finally Wat Makok. Hashers wandering around in all directions looking for Boob’s glasses. 4x2 tried the hardest wanting desperately to claim a free meal. Our ex-GM wearing blinkers could only see the paper in front and ran down all the checks even though Pork Finder felt sorry for him and broke the checks.

Boob had said it would be 7km. He was misleading us! We were 6km out and only then turning back. More village paths crossing Klong Po heading south. Now we found the goat farm near Bang Ramat village; would Sheepshagger take advantage of them in the absence of his preferred sheep. From there it was not far for On In and a 10km run.

Everyone eventually got back and the Codpiece circle commenced. The GM read out some of Erik's history, some 900 runs to the last AGM, he once ran for the Danish Olympic team, played the captain of a tanker in a movie about Somali Pirates, 2 bottles was his long lost son, he was the owner of a bar/night club dedicated to seamen and semen at the port, and all other sorts of bullshit!

Boob stepped forward and gave Capt Erik a bottle of Vodka, and a pewter mug with the BH3 and BMH3 logos on as a birthday present – excellent. The GM caused dissent and uproar when he suggested the Monday Hash was a sub-set of the Saturday Hash. How dare he!!

Traditional Hashes since they started in KL have always been on a Monday; if anything the Saturday Hash is the aberration!

Checkless was given a down down for screaming the loudest. Then we had Noah 4x2 as RA who had his fun including a misjudged call for all those over 70 to step forward – oops that was the majority! Aunties Bitch for threatening to move to Hua Hin. Grannys Tits for letting tradition down by allowing his 14-year-old son to sit at the circle. Cranky Dane and Crazy German called in for not complaining enough.

POTW went to Andrew No No also for not whingeing enough. Boob directed us through the Wat to the Khrua Ja Daeng Restaurant on Klong Bang Phrom. A good turn out to the trough as it was Captain Erik’s birthday.

Boob did him proud with plenty of food, beer and a cake. Boob even paid for it all – brilliant! We have since heard that the restaurant has offered Boob a job as a waiter.


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