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Run 1978, 22 November 2021
Location: Ramindra, ChatuChot 10, Uncle Chu's
Hare: Checkless

Checkless and Uncle Chu’s...memories and flashbacks of previous "adventures" came flooding back......would we be forced to do "the wall"?...how many ex-GM’s would he lose this time...the previous record being roughly 10!

As we assembled for the pre-run instructions we were warned it was an easy 6.5k... the question is when has Checkless ever laid a 6k trail from that location...maybe that was what he planned using his piece of string on a sixteenth-century map prepared by Galileo but normally a minimum of 9k would be the expected result. And would we be treated to the clockwise or anti-clockwise version?

Apparently, there was a split in the run with an unmarked trail for the walkers which would bypass some of the potential horrors he had in store on the main trail...

We headed out south across the small bridge where the pack became a bit confused. It was then into the fields with the ankle-breaking rough ground where we were closely followed by some curious cows. Onwards across the tundra with the burning haystacks until we got even more confused in the village with only a few occasional remnant chalk markings to guide us.

Eventually on to the run/walk split...did anyone see it? Well some did and some didn’t!...despite the best efforts of the hares with specially prepared signage and obvious chalk markings! As we continued around the new housing estates it was now clear we were on a clockwise loop and that the hares 6k version would require confronting Boob a Lube’s nemesis…the wall! Would he confront his demons or retreat... an easy choice ...a retreat to lead like-minded faux Hashers including Codpiece (who had finally caught up having screwed up at an earlier check) on a 3k loop that avoided said obstacle!

Others including Pussy Virus, visitor Sauerkraut, Eetan, Moonlight and Gringo were up for the challenge and bravely ventured into the unknown and battled their way along the wall..always helps if you have climbing ropes, pitons and carabiners handy when attempting the overhanging part...which of course none of those present did, so they had to resort to hanging on for grim death with fingertips to avoid dropping chest deep into the water below...Pussy Virus, unfortunately, failed the test!

Those that survived the ordeal then had a gentle jog back to civilisation where they joined the out trail and back home. They were joined sometime later by Boob and his followers. But where were Tinker and NoNo who’d not been seen for some time?...did they take the walkers trail at the split or carry on into the unknown? The hares were starting to panic making frantic phone calls to try to contact the lost boys but no response..

In the meantime Etan was seen giving a guided tour of his much-modified pimpmobile..demonstrating the sophisticated lighting system, gun racks and not forgetting the special cooler where he keeps the champagne on ice...very useful when entertaining the "ladies" while out "camping".

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity the GM called the circle to order with hares still pacing around nervously...at which point some shadows could be seen in the gloom and Tinker and NoNo finally appeared. The GM requested comments on the run which overall were very favourable despite "the wall" and the temporary loss of Tinker and NoNo.

Co-hare Maverick refused to take any responsibility for the loss of Tinker and NoNo – claiming he was just the bag carrier to anyone who would listen...obviously he’s not a lawyer and fails to understand the legal term "joint and several liability" when applied to hares and their co-hares!

Tinker was re-presented with his 600th run mug originally awarded in 2019 that he had lost having apparently given it to someone for safekeeping while he was back in the US...he still has no idea where it ended up...guess it will have to remain one of life’s mysteries.

RA Pussy Virus, now back from multiple vacations and business trips, graced us with his presence so our ever-present stand in Codpiece was given a night off. Maverick’s shoes which had fallen apart while laying the trail were seen off by Checkless singing the anthem to old shoes while Maverick gamely drank from the aforementioned dead item...

Visitor Sauerkraut was the only POTW nomination for some reason probably somewhat related to being a perennial visitor who refuses to join our august organization!

We then adjourned for a fine feed from Uncle Chu’s organized by the hares before we headed home. Thanks to the hares Checkless and Maverick for a fine run and ononon!

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