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Run 1977, 15 November 2021
Location: Ratburana Soi 22
Hares: No No and Roger Me

This was just the second run after the lockdown ended, and No No had been eagerly waiting patiently for this day (note that any relationship with the truth in this write-up is purely coincidental). He had engaged the services of Roger Me to be Bag Carrier in Chief (BCiC). Fortunately the BCiC had recently led a 'slowok' along a lot of alleyways and klong paths in the Ratburana (pronounced Ratbura-na I'm told) so not being one to argue No No used this trail. The start point was a shady klong-side restaurant which also sported a massage parlour, pool hall and some rather comely waitresses.

Anyway, back to the Hash. By 5.15 there were only a handful of Hashers, but when you've got to go you've got to go. The trail took us a short way down the road before we turned right along a very narrow klong path. It was so narrow that there was no way one of our more portly members could get through, so the Capt'n had to do his own thing. There was an expectation that the checks would be easy to solve as Boobalube and Maverick had walked the trail just ten days earlier, but both seemed to be suffering from senior moments apparently having little recollection of where they went last time. At least their senior moments occurred after the run had started, whereas one member who shall remain anonymous but who's name begins with a 'T' had his senior moment on the way to the run and never reached the runsite.

The trail took us ducking and diving along alleyways, across Suksawat, along more alleyways, across Pracha Utit, along more alleyways, back across Suksawat, and down Suksawat Soi 29 which is the other end of Ratbura-na 22. Just in case people felt they hadn't had their money's worth the trail made a loop off the soi along more klong paths and alleyways. Only the most dedicated runners took that loop as we had already been out for an hour and a half.

After social drinking the GM called a circle, and the usual culprits were brought in. The hare and BCiC had their down downs after the pack decided that it was a good run. Hash Cash said that the only returner was the Capt'n, but Nibbles thought that Kevin 'No Name' hadn't been their last week. There was some confusion over this, but when Boobalube consulted US military records (or was it Google?) it was determined that he had been at the run, or possibly in a massage parlour very nearby. PoW went to No No, but by now your scribe's concentration was waning so I'm not sure what he was awarded it for.

We then adjourned to the restaurant where we were greeted by the comely waitresses. There were few other customers, so we got their full attention. After serving the beer and food they were available for selfies (and more?), something the Hare and BCiC took advantage off ('selfie', not 'more') much to the consternation of the ladies of the Hash.

All in all it was a very good evening – many thanks to the hare and BCiC. It's a shame you missed it T, you might have helped us solve the checks.

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