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Run: 1976, 8 November 2021
Location: Ratchadapisek Soi 66
Hare: The Tickler

We’re finally back! After a six month hiatus and following a surprise announcement that the restaurants could now serve alcohol in tourist areas, the BMH3 Hash back office admin function went in to overdrive. Trailmaster Codpiece delivered the goods and persuaded Tickler to step in with a run he’d prepared just before the shutdown! The hare had apparently reluctantly agreed to be joined by Checkless as co-hare...obviously Checkless has a reputation!

A reasonably sized pack turned up near a local market just off Ratchadapisek Soi 66 happy to be back doing what we do. Many of the regular faces were there including Tinker proudly sporting his new orange hat that he rescued from the bottom of the bins that he seems to spend much of his time rummaging in! A hat...just what you need for a city-run that was mainly in the dark!

There were some good checks including a tough one under the expressway that fooled most of the pack resulting in much aimless wandering around. That was mainly thanks to blind Bullit failing to spot the paper over the klong bridge and Mongolian Crotch marking the wrong trail to confuse us even more. However, we were eventually back on track. Overall a nice 8km city trail in an area we’ve not used for some time with a surprising amount of greenery...amazing what you can find if you recce properly! All made it home within a reasonable time except for NoNo who wandered in half an hour after the rest of the pack as we were well stuck into the snacks provided by Normal.

Having just recovered from a dose of Covid kindly donated by patient zero Checkless, the GM Gringo got the circle underway. Once he finally remembered what he was actually meant to do he welcomed the hares and our visitor Amrit from the US. There were down-downs for Roger Me and Eetan lookalike Tokyo Joe who were guilty of not breaking the checks as specifically advised by the hare and blind Bullit and Mongolian Crotch for causing mayhem at the expressway check. Checkless was congratulated on reaching the tender young age of 7x and on announcing he would pay for beers after the run was hailed as a true hero!

Codpiece stood in as RA with various charges including Kevin C for some misdemeanour or other (salad related). He continued with the POTW award for which there was only one nomination...Covid patient zero Checkless...no more nominations accepted. The original appendage was not available so Nibbles got to work and within a couple of minutes had fashioned a stand-in (or up?!) from a piece of string and an empty water bottle! Full marks for innovation!

Trailmaster Codpiece made an urgent appeal for hares as the circle was closed and we enjoyed a magnificent dinner provided on-site by Nibbles which was much appreciated by the pack.

Thanks to the hare Tickler and his bitch Checkless for their dedication at such short notice!

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