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Run: 1975, 19 April 2021
Location: Bang Krajao, Baan Baan Bang Krajao
Hare: Pussy Virus

What would Uncle Tom Pussy do for his 50th birthday Hash we wondered; a ‘boom boom’ bus? a live hare run, beer stops? boat ride?...

Last-minute changes to the run site must have been difficult. We understand that although the original restaurant had been ok to host us, the local authorities were not; so a last-minute change to Baan Bang Krachao on Pra Padaeng was made.

The BMH3 onsec issued an urgent flyer with the change in misdirections, but would anyone read it? How many would head to the Navy port, and how many would get arrested?.

Amazingly 50 turned up at the new run site, WOW! (so Hashers do read newsletters! – all Hash Onsecs should be happy) Or was it the chance at a FREE T-shirt?

So we all gathered. A line of Songtawes turned up, but no hare?? We waited and waited. And in the hares came, Pussy Virus and Manboobs, breathless and late. It’s a B to A run. We all crowded into the waiting Songtaews and away we went at 5:40.

Looking right we could see paper coming out of a well known really shiggy bit of the trail, so we knew where the last bit of the run was. We wound back for 5 Km through the small sois of Pra Padaeng to the Bang Nam pier. Many tracked the route on mobile apps to guess where the run would be; not that it did them any good.

Leaping out and off south along the bicycle tracks. Plenty of FRBs setting a fast pace. But the first check was excellent confusion with those who thought they knew the area well getting it wrong and not seen again – you know who you are! Into some tangled tree stuff slithering and sliding, ducking and weaving – Roger Me up front desperate to beat everybody.

Back onto bicycle tracks and into the floating market. Good back checks bringing the pack together. Then after a long jog, the paper came to the main road and stopped. And I mean STOPPED!

Like ants defending their nest Hashers scurried every which way. There were many options. Running them down for many 100s of meters. No paper. Breaking up into little huddled groups in the deepening dark. Somehow it was thought the hares had just given up and headed back. So we did likewise backtracking to some point? Then it was a 4km jog along the main road following signs to Baan Bang Krachao.

We all got back, even Ambrose. The GM and Eaten chose to actually do that last shiggy bit in the dark stumbling hand in hand. A 10km run with everyone very happy that Pussy had succeeded in difficult circumstances. T-shirts handed out with a great picture of Tom relaxing on a sofa with his 2 sniffy dogs, wine and a cigar.

As time was tight for the restaurant the GM kept the circle under control with Pussy stepping in as RA puffing away at his giant signature cigar. Down downs aplenty.

POTW week went to our lady visitor ‘Drag Queen’ from the KL mother Hash.

Then over to the restaurant on the bank of the river. The same restaurant where we had the AGM Zoom online video call to the absent GM Aunties Bitch. A birthday cake arranged by Malinee and a card, signed by everyone, for Pussy Virus. Then on into the night with lots of brown stuff of different origins.

A fantastic birthday run from Pussy,

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