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Run: 1974, 12 April 2021
Location: Onnut Soi 80
Hare: Aunties Bitch

Aunties Bitch the Hare, Knockout Neptune also there, what could possibly go wrong?
Thunder and lightning in the air, we don’t care, but let’s hope the run is not too long
From Tesco’s carpark we go, the start was far from slow, as we head off down the track
Past the market stalls, sausages, rice and fish balls, 4 FRB’s head the pack
With chalk in hand, to mark the ground, so the walkers would not go astray
I ran a check, dead end – went racing back, no marks, I couldn’t find the way
Another dead end, as I ran around a bend, which way did those runners go
Finally I see the walkers, the jokers and the talkers, try to pass them to find the FRB’s
A single-track path, hard to get past, dodging puddles and posts, it was a squeeze
Into a long thin village square, folks celebrating Songkran there, much noise and many drinks
Through them we run, they’re all having fun, headaches all round tomorrow me thinks
Down a flooded dark alley, here’s not the place to dally, then onto another village street
More drunken locals sing along, to their favorite Thai song, that’s their place to meet
Then out of the black, for a long slog back, down the main road to A
By now we’ve had enough, miss a left turn but don’t give a stuff, as we run along our way.
Yes, we are back at Tesco, the circle is alfresco, down down’s administered with usual aplomb
Across the road for dinner, another hash winner, beer after beer, dish after dish and more to come
So thanks to the hares, for their troubles and cares, what more can I say
Another great night, by torch and street light, back home to live another day
On On

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