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Run: 1951, AGM 2 November 2020
Location: Prapadaeng, Baan Baan Bang Krajao
Hares: Gringo and No No

This year's AGM Meeting was on the banks of the river.

The location was descended upon by car, motorbike taxi and banana sized James bond boats. Nothing will stop Hasher’s getting something for FREE!! 30 plus runners a good turn out.

Hared by Gringo & No No (Good to see him back in the flock)

It was a hot and humid evening as the sunset over the lush green settings, A mixed pack of runners, walkers & Wine drinkers gathered around.

5.13 pm as we circled up------- Gone but not forgotten KC breaks FREE and takes off up the road, Hasher’s follow the hare's directions and go over a wall into the unknown, more sensible Hashers follow KC up the road. 2-way split which joins up 5 minutes later.

Runners dash in all directions at a check, on on called to a false trail so back again!

Good trail as runners are in front then behind again, barking dogs and sunset doesn’t deter our intrepid Hasher’s.

Nightfall comes in the jungle and hot and sweaty Hasher’s trundle back to the sight of new white covid free t-shirts & cold refreshments. The tension rises and chatter commences on who, or who is not on the new committee. The circle is called with the NEW shirts on display, The hares are down downed for an excellent run, and misdemeanours are dealt with swiftly, and we acquire 1 new member (Robert Owen) not bad for an AGM.

Virginia Slim is made prick of the week for comments made against the GM so vote was closed.


Beautiful riverside setting along the river for our on on on and AGM, food and beer were quickly dispensed of as in all on on’s, Then we become internet savvy with our Current GM Bob "aunties Bitch " stranded in the USA or so he says! A pleasant surprise to see him in fine form, he has been missed by all. After some pleasantries and words of wisdom like all good beauty contests the results were read in reverse order, hums and arr’s, groans and cheers were heard from the crowd as NEW names were read out, a revolution was avoided and a big cheer went up for the NEW COMMITTEE who were down downed.

Welcome to our NEW GM (GRINGO) a popular choice as nobody else wanted the job!!

A happy crowd disbanded by boat, car, plane and other transport available.

Penny Lame.


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