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Run: 1920, 6 January 2020
Location: Nakon In Road, Cowboy Restaurant
Hare: No No assisted by Slippery When Wet

So, it's farewell to hoi, pu and pla ning manao and all the fish in the sea, for we hear from the ever-dishevelled Cowboy owner he is closing down and moving on. No No will be seriously at a loss for a new run site and such was his dark demeanour that he trawled up a co-hare who couldn’t agree with him on where to put the paper. Some of it suicidal according to Tinker as he described paper pressed into live junction boxes. A little added water and the whole run might have gone ‘poooof’ in a crackle of 220 volts running directly to earth via a hare! However, the determined Lily, V for Victory, mermaid, fish or sea related named assistant obviously kept the spritely No No on his toes. But advice from the sage would be that in order to find a decent compliant co-hare the spritely Scotsman will have to cast his net on the other side of the boat next time.

On the way to the run, walking over Rama V Bridge I was reminded of the last time we ran at this venue. The now honourable GM and I were walking towards the venue on Nakorn In Road when in front of us we saw a gesticulating Japanese Hasher. He was trying to communicate with a bemused stall-holder. ‘Where run? - hashing where?’. The stall holder grinned and pointed to Makro on the other side of the road, but that’s when the current GM and I rescued the poor Jap.

But back to this well attended run. Arthur was in from Egypt and Japan, his home, young Terry was visiting from Newcastle and a visiting Hasher from Bandung (no not the Bandung in Isaan where Stumbles lives) arrived on a Vespa. On the first run of the New Year we all greeted each other with ‘Sawadee Pi Mai’ as one should. The run meandered through the usual tracks, including the nice sapling forest which no one yet has decided to cut down. The ‘on in’ was strange in that it came along the road when there were two more pleasant alternatives, one which comes in at the back of Wat Choti school and the other which Spinning Dwarf took. Perhaps some disagreement among the hares methinks. The two speedsters, Checkless and Gringo soon ate this piece of tarmac up and everyone got back before dark and that was No-No’s aim.

At the circle there was much fussing and fighting. The co hare insisting that she had paid twice for membership of the BMH3. Todd demurred. Then there was the declaration of love from the rounded and raucous Harriette for ‘Lung Bob’ but the POTW was a no brainer. The visitor from Bandung, sitting in the circle, wearing a hat (and long trousers be damned!!) was the shoe in.

And so, to the ‘Last Supper’ at Cowboy. There were more than twelve at this supper as extra tables were needed for the numbers. Ning Manaow, khao suai, khao pad, red curry, fish cakes, mixed veggies all washed down with red wine brought by Cap't Erik, Pink Panther, Id et al. Background music was reggae of course. It is sad to see the end of Cowboy Restaurant. Its name will forever be associated with No No.

And like the ending to a good Hollywood western, Cowboy sank slowly into the sunset.

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