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Run: 1911, AGM Run, 4 November 2019
Location: Chinburi Motorway, Baan Daeng
Hares: Senator and Rawhide

Checkless our beloved Grand Master, being English, suffers Electile dysfunction. This is when you are incapable of making a hard decision and unable to put together a functional committee (or Government). On the day, a great turn out as usual for the AGPU with a record number of Harriettes attending. (Who after parking their chosen form of transport, immediately formed a circle and broke out the wine and gin and proceeded to get plastered). Halloween, having only recently passed, made the male Hash members keep a safe distance as nobody was sure as to just how long the special power lasts.

After a spell of social interaction, Grand Master Checkless, in his ceremonial robes, invited the hares into the Circle to introduce the run. The run was semi-soft surface, with a lot of Khlong paths and even a golf course to run through. Excellent back checks kept the pack together and managed to confuse the front runners to the point of getting lost. Viking, Orange and Selfie added an extra 2km because they would not stop and ask for directions. Everybody arrived back before complete darkness.

Conspicuous by his absence, Boob-a-Lube was in Pattaya "running the Pattaya Hash" but the Committee was well aware that he was sat in Willy Wankers factory on Pattaya Soi 6 waiting for a special prize. The AGM Religious Advisors were given the stage after the Checkless grilled the Hares for his final time as Grand Master. A strange event was witnessed as Rawhide and the Senator suddenly transformed into Tiger Woods and his Ballboy. AKM and his razor-sharp wit had the circle in stitches followed by Noriega and Pussy Virus with entertaining charges. Prick Of The Year was awarded to Boob-a-Lube in-absentia with Lecherous as his standin look alike.

Checkless, the Grand Master, regained control of the circle for the last time. Wiping a tear from the corner of his eye, he invited the hares into the circle to give directions to the AGM free feed. The circle was dismissed and the Harriettes flew into the restaurant to get the best seats. The others remained outside to congratulate Checkless on a brilliant Grand Mastership and pushed him for one more term.

At the on on on the ceremonies continued among the fantastic food and the new committee was announced. Checkless stepping down with a sigh of relief. Aunties Bitch dressed as Mrs Doubtfire took over the reins...and here's the full list of who to blame...
GM. Aunties Bitch
JM. No No
JM. Gringo
OnSec. Cod Piece
OnSec Ass. Gringo
Hash cash. Spinning Dwarf
Hash cash ass. No No
RA. Senator
RA Pussy Virus
RA back up. Noriega
Trailmaster. Bullit
Trailmaster Ass. No Good Boyo
Hash flash. Horny Viking
Hash flash ass. Yuri/Woody
Hash haberdash. Nibbles
Hash piss. Normal
Hash webmaster Maverick


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