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Run: 1907, 7 October 2019
Location: Sri Nakarin Soi 45
Hares: Hot Chilli assisted by Klong Dump

A good gathering for this Hash- around 25+pack. The weather was foreboding, always threatening but held off until later. A biker was spotted at the start but apparently, it was the co-hare, not the mysterious Dark Rider biker seen on several Hashes in the past.

Capt’n Eric headed off from the start in the wrong direction doing what is known as a "180" in both flying and shipping terms. He later admitted he had miscalculated looking for a short cut (the barstard) and spent most of the run off trail – not uncommon.

Not so serious as Malinee "Nibbles" who was seen sitting around at the start of the run with a couple of cohorts including Id "Eat Me" and a few more unmentionables – no intention to make the run!

The trail was quite urban by all accounts – the checks were very good. The trail was 7.5 km – as verified, certified and endorsed by KC and his GPS, although, he said he completed a substantially longer distance apparently. He did, however, miss the beer stop completely and claimed he ran past it on purpose to throw off the howling, marauding pack paces behind him.

Towards the end of the run Klong Dump was seen on his bike heading for the beer stop to collect any stragglers – he got several down downs for the beer stop "fiasco"-a the "virtual beer stop" maybe? It was not sure – but we think no one even made the beer stop.

Returners: Dripper looking as reprehensible as ever; looking like a latter-day football hooligan of yore. Visitors: Hell Boy and Missus of Hell Boy. Hell Boy really did do a good impression of Hell Boy the movie – well done!

GM whipped the circle together as the rain deluged. Peter "Maverick" was lurking in the shadows hidden under his umbrella. The RA Noah "4x2" rallied the pack through the down pour: Gringo, Bob the "Bullet", Woody, Ian "CoD Piece", Rolland "Rawhide" being the usual suspects.

Well, I guess inevitably, we all know the contender for "Prick of the Week". It was visitor of course- Hell Boy the winner with KC as the runner up! No surprises all round.

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