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Run: 1898, 5 August 2019
Location: Prachachuen, Ratchadapisek Soi 27/1
Hares: Mudguard and Love Canal

As your scribe tried to negotiate the terrible tangle of converging traffic jams on Prachachuen/ Ratchadapisek and into the winding sois leading to the run site, what was obvious, apart from the real risk of disappearing up my cars own exhaust pipe, was the gathering black clouds. Well this is rainy season. And so we cuddled up close under a bus stop and waited for the GM to set us off. But not before Mud flap told us he had used a lot of chalk. Given the heavy rain the pack shouted "what chalk". Little did we know how true that would be! The GM advised we stay together and look after each other!!!?

Into the small residential sois somewhere to the west of Chatuchak we slowly ambled. Picking up speed as muscles warmed up. A long check under the main road until Spinning Dwarf called on. Then the tracks got narrower. Eventually even narrower leading out onto a boardwalk following the shores of a small green water lake. We never tested to see why it was so green.

The screams were deafening. It was Tokyo Joe. The boards were wet, narrow, rotten and slippery, and went on and on seemingly for ever. He was sore afraid and let everyone know. Bullitt was equally afraid but suffered in silence. Both slowed progression to a crawl.

Eventually the fear was over and we came out onto the main railway line to Singapore. A new form of fear? Luckily there were no trains howling by a whisker from ones noses. But yes we had to cross. Rawhide led the search for wet paper or washed out chalk. He almost found the trail but not before the GM found chalk arrows on the concrete arches. Away we went all in the wrong direction towards Nikhom railway station. Unfortunately we did not run to the train cemetery. Then it all came to a long long stop. No No and Senator waved a fond farewell and went off into the sunset on their own, hand in hand for comfort.

The rest searched in vain. Todd going West. Bullit going North. Itan going East. Bugger - we guessed we were on a previous run trail for the harriettes. The real was somewhere miles back. By mutual consent and helped by Bullitt’s GPS we took a bee line back to the beer. After a bit we found the out trail and reversed up it until there were the hares wondering where we had all been. Twas a mystery to them. But all's well that ends well.

We were all invited to school by Bullitt. Our new boot’s Hash name is Itan. Given to him by the Songkla HHH meaning slow moving truck. But this was an incorrect translation. After a long debate by Bullitt and Malinee it was agreed 'Itan' meant "shaking thing that you do not like " One assumes he does that in the bushes. Mud flap asked if this was the same as a knee trembler. Tokyo Joe burst into a shaking song but was quickly grappled to the ground and subdued. Senator stepped in as RA and after much delay gave POTW to Rawhide for hiding and doing something indescribable in the bushes for far too long to get changed even though his exposed buttons were well bitten by mosquitoes. The on on on was fantastic and sponsored by our hares.

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