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Run:- 1311                   Date:- 5 May 2008.
Location:- Khun Buun Restaurant, Bang Kruai-Sai Noi Rd
Hares:- Tickler and Bad Boy Bobby
Scribe:- 4x2

Last Monday afternoon at 4pm I got a missed call from Bog. I was in the middle of some soulless desert industrial zone in Dubai. For those that have never been to Dubai, it is like a cross between Siam Paragon and Bamrungrad Hospital in the desert. It sucks big time. As Sir Wanda would put it. “I've been there; it's a fuckin' shi'ole”.

I realised that in was 7pm in Thailand and that I had forgotten to organise the write up. I also remembered that in a mad dash to get to the airport, I may not have sent off last week's newsletter either.

So I called up Kevin “Bruised Willy” to find out what went on on the run. He could not remember that much. It was a great run, classic The Tickler stuff, nearly all green. It started from a shit BBQ restaurant, all you can eat for 89 Baht. Marc Lavoie came without Pussy Virus. Ellen came without KC. Cengis short cut as usual, so did Steve Furst. Lynda and Neil were up front as usual. Marc Lavoi was getting pissed off with Neil and Lynda because they were trying to win, and he was trying not to look as if he was trying to win, which he was. There was a funny moment where Lynda shouted “Are you on Steve”, but I guess you had to be there to appreciate it.

This guy Dunkin Donut was doing some thing about the 5th May: Cinquo di Mayo and he was putting on such a strong French accent nobody could understand him.[Note to Bruised Willy – that's how he always sounds].

The OnOnOn was shit rancid food and nobody ate much. Late night partyers were me (Mr Willy), Tickler, Frank, Joost and a drunken Jumpstart. Joost was holding court and was on rare form complaining about Wichanee, etc.


On Monday 5 May we had 21 Harriers, 6 Harriettes, 1 new boot and 4 visitors, total = 32.  Welcome back to returners Steve Furst, Peamsak, Goran Ehren, Kevin McGaffey, Narest, Elen Day, Annie Sproston.  The New Boot is Julian “Sticky” McKitrick.

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