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Run:- 1248                  Date:- 19 February 2007. 
Location:- Bansuan Golf Range
Hare:- Narest
Scribe:- Raincoat

Special Report to Rooters – In an effort Monday night to disrupt the Monday Hash House Harriers suspected terrorists set fire to a BMA express bus traveling on the elevated expressway.  Although causing some minor disruptions to traffic flows and a late start a successful run was completed in a major setback to the suspected terrorists.


Although chomping at the bit to get things underway hare Nearest and Dearest was forced by acting GM SIR Bog Diver to hold the start for late arrivals delayed by the aforementioned terrorist activities on the expressway.  Once underway and at the first check it was ascertained that likely the terrorists had swept up all the paper laid earlier by N & D to once again thwart the hash.

Latecomers such as Bullit and Tinker, who miss directed his taxi driver thereby arriving 35 minutes late (Hashers take note that this is two weeks running that Tinker has f**ked up the taxi in which he was the navigator) where directed to a short cut by the hare.  This greatly added to confusion when the FRBs ran head on into the late comers breaking down any semblance of an orderly run in.

At the circle and despite the lack of running room due to heavy and dense jungle conditions the pack ordained the run as 'good'.  I will leave it at that as I am just a lowly returner.  Numerous persons were called in to complete downdowns, this writer included (several times too many!).  Noriega was a disgrace as he sniffed after some new unsuspecting and innocent Harriette.  Gengis was honoured several times for reasons that have now escaped my memory.  Muff Diver on a quick flip from his now beloved KL also was awarded with a down down or two.  One of which, along with Bullit was due to their likeness to the new and bald Britteny Speers.

In a boring climax to the circle, this writer was once again voted POW which is the case every time he returns to Thailand and runs with the BMH3.

The OnOn was held at the nearby golf driving range on a balcony overlooking the always scenic Bangkok suburbs. Further comment will not be forthcoming as many beers clouded this writers already failing memory.  



On Monday 19 February we had 21 Harriers, 5 Harriettes, 0 new boots and 3 visitors, total = 29.  Returners included Bob "Raincoat" Rayner and Derek "Muff Diver" Tavender.

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