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Run:- 1203.   Date:- 10 April 2006. 
Location:- The Port
Hare:- Tom "Pussy Virus" Ellefsen

This was to be a ‘live hare’ run with the hares arriving barely in time to enable a start at the new and later time of 5.30pm.  And then Pussy Virus still had to make a mad dash to the river and back to ensure that a boat was available. At approximately 5.30 we ambled down to the pier, with ‘Anything but pussy’ bringing her two ‘kittens’ along.  Fortunately for them they were picked up by the maid at the pier and allowed to go home and eat.  Some of us would have to wait much longer!

A quick boat ride across the river and the hares requested a 10 minute start.  After about 4 minutes the ‘Family Fursts’ (sounds like a political party) decided it was time and set off, breaking the first check before the rest of us got there.  The second check was much more difficult and time consuming, even with the help of the Bug, who has laid hundreds of hashes in this area.  He assured us it had to be to the right.  It went left!

I too have run many runs in this area and was surprised to be running along new paths for a lot of it. Not ‘new’ as in ‘new’ but ‘new’ as in ‘different’.  Some very picturesque territory.  Even saw a guy taking photographs with a serious camera, so he obviously agreed with me.  Some hard-running FRB’s kept breaking the checks before I got there so the run was quite fast without much time for a rest. 

A hole in a wall followed by a dicey bridge provided a bit of interest, and surprisingly no one fell off.  Thanks Tom for putting the bamboo pole in the middle as that was a life- saver.  And the long run along the top of a 2 foot high (60 cm), 6 inch (15 cm) wide wall was also interesting.

I was thinking ‘what a great run’ until we hit the timber yard.  The trail clearly went off into the undergrowth but seemed to disappear.  Did the hares panic and stop laying paper because the pack was getting too close?  Did the FRB’s give up too easily?  We may never know the truth but the fact is we spent a lot of time checking out every orifice in the timber yard without finding paper.

Actually the pick up point (B) was not far away and several of us were rescued by the boatman and taken to the wat where ‘The Bug’, ‘Crash’, ‘Eat Me’, and a couple of others were already waiting.  Rumour is that some had got there by motorcycle!  ‘Tastes Great’ refused the offer of a ride insisting that he was going to finish on paper.  2 hours later and 400Bt poorer he arrived back at the circle!  But he did finish on paper!!  As did Khun Rape.

Thanks to the hares for stepping in and doing a run at short notice.  Pity we didn’t find the last few hundred metres but still a good, and memorable, run.

Prick of the week went to ‘Lion King’ because she really wanted it!!!


On Monday 10 April we had 14 Harriers, 9 Harriettes,  0 new boots  and 2 visitors, total =  25.  Welcome back to Bee.

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