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Run site:- Gai Yang Sae Yai Restaurant, Krungthep Kreeta Road (ถนนกรุงเทพกรีฑา ร้านไก่ย่างเสือใหญ่)

Location:- N13.74634 E100.66625.   Map/แผนที่.

By Airport Rail Link (more info)

Take the train to Ban Thap Chang.

When you get down to the ground walk for 100m heading out of town before turning left to the motorway frontage road.

Use the footbridge to cross the motorway to the frontage road on the far side.

Get a taxi and ask the driver to take you to Krungthep Kreeta Gai Yang Restaurant, opposite Unico Golf Course (ตรงข้าม สนามกอส์ฟยูนิไก) - about 4km.

By BTS (more info)

Get the train to Onnut and leave the station by Exit 1.

Walk back along the street for about 300m to the traffic lights. This is Soi 77/Soi Onnut.

Get a taxi going down the soi. After 5km turn left into Sri Nakarin Road.

After another 3km (just after the railway crossing) loop left to turn right onto the Chonburi motorway, and follow the directions below.

By Car/Taxi (more info)

Take the Sri Rat (second stage) Expressway (ทางพิเศษศรีรัช) east towards Sri Nakarin Road.

Cross Sri Nakarin Road (ถนนศรีนครินทร์) onto the Chonburi Motorway and after 1km filter left into the frontage road just before a footbridge.

Zero your odometer under the footbridge

Do not turn left as usual (unless you enjoy roadworks), but instead go straight along the frontage road.

At 2.3 km turn left and after 100m turn left and then immediately right.

At 3.1 km turn left into Krungthep Kreeta Road.

At 3.5 km see Unico Golf Course on your left.

At 4.1 km turn right into the restaurant car park.

Useful words for you to say to your driver:-

Turn left Leo sigh
Turn rightLeo kwah
Straight on Trong pie
Stop Yoot

This page last updated: 2 Feb 2017